My Avreich-Partner

The Goal

The “My Avreich-Partner” program has the personal backing of Maran Harav Chaim Kanievsky shlita and is reaching out to the next generation of young Jewish donors and creating thousands of prestigious partnerships between younger working men and avreichim.
The program will facilitate donors’ creating their own Yissachar-Zevulun partnerships with avreichim – on their terms. How much, how often and when donors will contribute is completely up to them.
The Method
We have designed and created exceptional, advanced software, which we’ve named CLEARGIVING, to manage this project. This software is designed to give donors more control over how they donate, to whom they donate, and how their donation will make its impact. CLEARGIVING provides more feedback and gives the donor and his avreich-partner the option of creating a direct and very personal relationship with one another, if that is what they choose. The beauty of this initiative is that donors are clearly aware of the impact they are making with their Yissachar-Zevulun partnership.
With our new software, each donor can create his own schedule for donating – whether once a year, or for every Yom Tov, Rosh Chodesh or Shabbos, or on any other schedule. A donor can also send a gift in honor of his or his partner’s special occasion, simchah or event.
The Feedback
The purpose of this project is to provide additional support for avreichim. This support could help the avreich to make ends meet in general, to be able to manage Yom Tov expenses, or to cover the cost of a simchah. The partnership might turn into a more meaningful relationship, perhaps even a full partnership.
For their part, the avreichim-partners will participate in special learning sessions that we have initiated, at times that are not always utilized for Torah learning, such as on Purim, Chanukah, Chol Hamoed, Shabbos and other such times, giving special zechuyos to their donors.
In addition, we are expecting the beneficiaries/avreichim to cultivate a relationship with their partners. This could be through exchanging divrei Torah, learning b’chavrusa, or simply being there for the donor to build a relationship with in a special and meaningful way. We are also planning to provide our avreichim with tools they can use, such as public speaking, counseling, writing and self-confidence-building skills.
We are committed to managing this project in a way that is both professional and meaningful. We are fully confident that both the donor-partners and the avreich-partners will benefit greatly in all areas, both in ruchniyus and in gashmiyus.
We will launch the project this year with a gala event on September 13th, 22nd Elul, 5777. We are inviting young working men to join us for a cruise on the River Thames. There they will enjoy a delectable culinary experience, an uplifting kumzits, and exciting, world-class motivational speakers who will energize and inspire everyone for this new and exciting initiative.
We expect, iy”H, to reach three- to five thousand young donors over the next two to three years.


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